Espace Gaïa invité au « Healthy Buildings Day 2018 »

Espace Gaïa était invité à l’événement annuel « HEALTHY BUILDINGS DAY 2018 », organisé par VELUX, à Bruxelles, le 26 septembre. Cette journée a été animée par différents ateliers thématiques et de réflexion sur le bien-être et le bâtiment. Guillaume Daydé est intervenu notamment sur la problématique « How to Shape Human Performance and Behaviour with Optimal Indoor Environments ? », en relation avec la réalisation du projet Somfy Light House.

Extrait de son intervention :
Somfy Lighthouse, a natural full-scale demonstration of how solutions are actively managed in a building’s shell to make the interior more comfortable. The comfort of a place is a universal notion; however, it is often more concrete for its users than it is for the experts who designed it.
Indeed, comfort is not always quantifiable; it is subjective, it is unstable over time, it is seasonal, it is intangible… we have always lived in places endowed with architectural elements aimed at harnessing this idea of comfort. Since the beginning of time, our windows, our walls, our roofs, our gardens, etc. have been designed to adapt to our comfort requirements on a daily basis.
Before being a matter for experts, comfort is above all an instinctive notion that is dictated by our bodily and spiritual needs. We are constantly adjusting the climatic conditions in which our body is immersed, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.
Somfy Lighthouse illustrates this reflection, which stipulates that technology needs to be forgotten to satisfy this part of the unconscious. This is a concept building aimed at showcasing the know-how of the world-leading home and building automation company, Somfy, as well as that of its main industrial partners, including the VELUX group.
The interior spaces of this center experience are thus contained within a technically complex architectural envelope by all of the phenomena it controls (sunlight, ventilation, brightness, visual comfort, safety, acoustics, etc.), and yet, it is a place where internal comfort is self-evident.
Natural light is carefully controlled and adjusted to the needs of each space, thanks to an active double glazed façade. The temperature is regulated uniformly thanks to internal air flow control and solar controls.
Somfy Lighthouse is an instinctive place where architecture is constantly self-regulating to provide its visitors with an immersive and memorable experience. Isn’t that the purpose of any construction?